Silky Heart English

[ToraDora] Spiral Silky Heart English - Плач Асуры: Spiral (AMV, автор: ARYLEnDMC, музыка: Angela - AMV на музыку "Spiral" Angela. Песня была использована в опенингее к аниме-сериалу "Asura Cryin".

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[ToraDora] Spiral - Silky Heart (English)

Дата: 2016-10-01
Длина: 01:31
Рейтинг: 0
Просмотрено: 806

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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

My silky love
Oh every single hour of the day
My silky love
Im always thinking bout the things you say
My silky love
These feelings trapped within this heart of mine
My silky love
Will one day burst out of my chest and fly

If I could bring myself to just say that I love you
All of my worries would soon disappear
But each time I see you I push you for my doubting heart just interferes

Whenever in the past there were things holding me back
Id go on and live out who I should be
But when it comes to us theres this great wall thats separating you and me

There are these feelings inside that I want you to know
Theyre on the tip of my tongue, How I do love you so
With all the courage I have I will walk up to you
And with my heart I will tell you the truth

From the day that we met Ive had this pure silky heart
But its quite delicate and it may all fall apart
How Im always clumsy fumbling my words, maybe Im in love

The heartaches of the past that almost faded away
The pain and hurting should our love go astray
Oh one day Ill let my guard down and show you myself
And Ill tell you all the hidden feelings in my heart Ive felt

Плач Асуры: Spiral (AMV, автор: ARYLEnDMC, музыка: Angela -

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