Quartermaster feat. Automatic Jack and Nexgen EXPLICIT

Song Quartermaster feat. Automatic Jack and Nexgen EXPLICIT - Song - Quartermaster feat. Automatic Jack and Nexgen EXPLICIT【INSTRUMENTAL】

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Song - Quartermaster feat. Automatic Jack and Nexgen (EXPLICIT)

Дата: 2016-07-13
Длина: 03:41
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Yo, when I step in, man the room goes quiet,
nobody dares move 'cause I am the riot,
I'm the one they love and adore on sight,
I'm the mutha fuckin' Quartermaster here all night, that's right,

I walk right in ・ single coin gleamin',
all the bitches step back ・ packed to the ceilin',
hear the whispers all around, no, you ain't dreamin',
I'm the Mutha Fuckin Quartermaster, best be beleivin'

*DAMN RIGHT* - I can play a quarter all night
*DAMN RIGHT* - 25 cents for life
*DAMN RIGHT* - I never take damage to my sprite
I control the world of Darkness I control the world of...

Light I'm talkin' 'bout the arcade,
bitches give me beers and head, hopin' they gon' get laid,
never need a wingman, I'm the only GRADE-A
Bonafide, Certified, Quartermaster FAT -- PAID


In the game center sharp as a dirk,
Know that the arcade is the arc of my work,
And I'm markin' my turf, people tuggin' on shirts,
Askin' 'bout this fly thug with a smug of a smirk,

It's obvious that I'm the new kid in the buildin',
Got 'em talkin' shit, 'cause I'm screwin' what they dealin',
Top 'em like a ceilin', girls catch feelin's,
They should kick me out with the stacks that I'm stealin',

*DAMN RIGHT* - And I don't ever get a game over,
*DAMN RIGHT* - I got 'em herdin' up like I'm a drover,
*DAMN RIGHT* - I go all night and never lose,
Beat the boss fights, I go on forever, dude,

No one can stop me now,
I'm OP as fuck, no one is takin' me down,
But yo', what's this? Someone is taking my spotlight,
Look up and see the dude who's also playing shit all night,


Jump the border I'm about to do some rash shit,
Step up to the Quartermaster's Corner and I ask him,
Up for a challenge? I manage no damage,
Tear you up and ravage, paired up with a savage,
One good round and I make a bitch through though,
Don't fuck around, I don't take shit too, bro,
Clearly I'll be hittin', even take hits too, yo',
Leave your name written in an 8-bit Tombstone


Normally you couldn't even talk to me, rook, but I
see the score you rollin' and it's worth a second look

Level while I'm at it leave Automatic disjointed,
All climatic and I'm no disappoinent

You wanna touch the stars, kid, then look no further,
seal up yo coffin', steal yo fame like a burglar

Clearly deranged as I aim for the knees,
Jingle change in my jeans, finger pains from my sprees

*DAMN RIGHT* One of us will die this night

*DAMN RIGHT* - I'm not scared of you homie, so let's fight,

*DAMN RIGHT* You diggin' your grave, that's alright,
I'm the mutha fuckin' Quartermaster hardly gonna be a fight
[PAUSE] I see you got the skills to bring a challenge,
and It's rare I get a chance to match with talent, so let's have it

Last round, stand down, 'bout to lay the smackdown,
All of a sudden I see the Quartermaster back out


Tracked down, followed out the door,
Get the fuck back in here so we can settle the score,
Am I a threat to oppose, are you afraid to lose?
I know that it's supposed to be left to fate to choose

All the while I been lookin' for someone to compare,
and now I found you I don't have hav

Song - Quartermaster feat. Automatic Jack and Nexgen (EXPLICIT)【INSTRUMENTAL】

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