Falling down

Rain Catchers Falling down - LITTLE RIVER BAND - "Sleeper Catcher" Complete Album LITTLE RIVER BAND - "Sleeper Catcher" Complete Album Vinyl LP Conversion Track List: 1. Shut Down Turn Off 2. Reminiscing 3. Red-Headed Wild Flower 4. Light Of Day 5. Fall From Paradise 6. Lady 7. Sanity's Side 8. So Many Paths 9. One For The Road

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Rain Catchers - Falling down

Дата: 2015-12-10
Длина: 02:08
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

When your tears are falling down it's all right
Everything I want it's to be your dream
I spend so many weekend's
drinking whiskey by the phone
Oh Call me babe
Pleas call me babe

Oh Close my eyes
Oh Please don't cry

Oh babe
You're sweetest dream in every night
babe when you smile I lose my mind
Oh babe

LITTLE RIVER BAND - "Sleeper Catcher" Complete Album

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