Leap Of Faith

.ιllιlι.ι. David Charvet Leap Of Faith - Leap of Faith

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.ιllιlι.ι.  David Charvet - Leap Of Faith

Дата: 2016-07-22
Длина: 04:40
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I, I saw you with that look in your eyes
Did he come back to make you cry
I am the one to set you free
I need you
love you so desperately

Baby I just need you to take you a leap of faith
Every promise I make I'll never break
Let me take your hands, I'll lead the way
I'll wait forever, baby

Untill the stars come crashing down
Untill the moon no longer shines
That's how long I'll wait for you
That's how long I'll wait for you
You are the meaning to my life
And untill the end of time
That's how long I'll wait for you
That's how long I'll wait for you

Don't be afraid to get to close
I'm gonna love you like you've never known
Open your heart and come with me
I need you, want you, can't you see?



And if we are oceans apart
You will always be here in my heart
And I'll always wait for you
I'll always wait for you


Leap of Faith

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