We Don't Wanna Believe

Lenin Was A Zombie We Don't Wanna Believe - GUILTY RAZORS I Don't Wanna Be a Rich GUILTY RAZORS I Don't Wanna Be a Rich

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Lenin Was A Zombie - We Don't Wanna Believe

Дата: 2016-11-11
Длина: 05:25
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some people call it mysteries
but histories
for us
its just some histories

(well find out)
wherever it is
(no wine now)
whatever it is
crack all the codes
hear all the words
decrypt all the messages
(and right now)
were going to you
(to show ya)
whats real or true
catch all the ghosts
break all the curse
youre waiting for us

the evil
is searching for me
i know it is somewhere near
so tell me
what did you see
what did you hear and feel

we dont wanna believe
we want proof
we want truth
we dont wanna believe
we dont wanna believe
in fairy tales
in crazy prayers
we dont wanna believe
in master race
from outer space

all that youre telling me about it? i doubt it
whats the point? you have never been around it
stop the lecture, everybodys gone to the rapture
theres always an answer for a question
a science and a mind is an alliance
to destroy the lies and break silence
you tell us theres a monster in the night
i don't believe ya
but it doesn't mean i'm right

we dont trust
all of your gods
all of your lies
all of your tries
we dont wanna believe
well fight
for what is right
move to the light
to own the night
to believe

GUILTY RAZORS I Don't Wanna Be a Rich

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