I Have A Crush On My Teacher

Kate Micucci I Have A Crush On My Teacher - Nero - Crush On You + download HD Скачать клип:

Новый клип британского электронного дуэта Nero! Так же как и предыдущие синглы он входит в состав их пластинки Welcome Reality.

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Kate Micucci - I Have A Crush On My Teacher

Дата: 2016-09-18
Длина: 02:38
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

(verse 1)
I think Im finally learning more
than I ever did before
might just be delusion.
and if you ever called my name
I would never be the same,
come to this conclusion.
Stop, go, heck no
I dont think so.
I just want to be with you tomorrow
and the next day and the next day after.
Oh, hey, I just want to say youre looking very fine today
and every day I made a wish and hoped it would come true
to be with you.
To be with you.
(verse 2)
You look so handsome in that sweater vest,
but a bathing suit would suit you best
when youre on vacation
and when youre talkin' bout the deficit
I know I shouldnt mention it
theres just too much temptation
and some day
like they all say
time will change your mind
maybe then youll finally see
Im just standing here
a lonely souvenir...
to take home...
(Verse 3)
or you can come to my house any time.
I dont think that my mom would mind.
She can make spaghetti
and wed go walking in the neighborhood
and you would kiss me oh so good.
You know that Im ready
because I love you.

Nero - Crush On You + download HD

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