Только одно звучит во мне

Jesus culture kim walker Только одно звучит во мне - Sneakers Culture présentation Fashion lovers and sports, art in general, street-art or music, often collectors … we cultivate our passion and share. From different backgrounds, we are an open community and diverse.
Strongly impregnated with the sneaker culture, we want to discover or rediscover all the universe are linked.
Also pay attention to market developments, Sneakers Culture casts a critical and informed on current trends.
We are eager to open the sneaker culture to the greatest number, to live to see the sign in time.

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Jesus culture (kim walker) - Только одно звучит во мне

Дата: 2015-11-04
Длина: 09:56
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Dm | Gm | F | Am7 ||

Here we are God come before the throne of grace,
Here we are God come before the mercy seat...

I can see the lightnings I can feel the thunder
I can hear the voices proceeding from Your throne...

Dm7 Gm
1. Twenty four elders bowing down
F Am7
Casting down the crowns of gold
Dm7 Gm
And four living creatures crying out
F Am7
Day and night, night and day

Dm7 Gm
And only one word comes to mind
F Am-6 ||
There's only one word to describe

Dm Gm F Am7 ||
_Holy __Holy _Lord God Almighty


Dm9 | Gm/D | F/D | Am7 || 2x

Dm9 Gm/D
There is no one like You,
F/D Am11 ||
You are Holy, Holy

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