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Cumshot Ok Ziga-zaga Oi version - François Damiens en Corse - Le Babysitting Les Nouvelles Caméras Planquées de François Damiens en Corse Édition Double DVD

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Cumshot - Ok (Ziga-zaga Oi version)

Дата: 2016-11-11
Длина: 03:07
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Every sunday morning
I say to myself
That the way i'm drinking
I would ruin my health

Many times tried my best
To give it up
Everytime was pressed
As if got into trap

Now it's more than habbit
It's a part of me
I'll feel sorry for it
But we'll live and see

It helps me to see this life
In it's beautiest colors
It helps me to survive
And enjoy all days off

And Now it's saturday again
It's for me to turn off brain


And day by day
Life's getting better now
I'll be OK
I'll be OK

I'D like to say
Since we're together now
We're all OK
We're all OK

Every sunday morning
Say it was the last time
But next week-end i'm going
to commit the same crime

So indifferent to the things
I ought to do
All the difficulties
Are now passed through

Even if it hadn't been
I don't care
No one can stop me now
And i'll go there

Where my friends are waiting
And loud music sounds
No need in hesitating
Cause the party starts

Music goes on&on&on
This evening i won't be alone


Midnight comes,but such a feeling as we have just started
We say goodbye to troubles,With all troubles we have parted
We merely discussing future plans and past events
Lots cigarretes and alcohol and weekend never ends

And now no need to worry i'm so soft and drunk
Lying on the floor and listening Ska punk
Thanks heavens for that freedom,i'm having right now
I'm so damn optimistic. I'll be allright somehow

François Damiens en Corse - Le Babysitting

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