Cherry Animals Why? - Warrant - Cherry Pie live 29.07.2011 Warrant - Cherry Pie live 29.07.2011

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Cherry Animals - Why?

Дата: 2017-03-18
Длина: 02:59
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My rival does not seem to be delicious
Arrival didn't reveal my secret wishes
I have got many little talking people
I did not find it hard to lie a little

I don't want to visit childhood
I will not, I'm walnut
I don't want to stick with a wheel

I don't know why
I can not fly
Why I don't cry
When I'm in prison

My dustbin has never been so full of junkies
I've just been making movies for my monkeys
I wonder why is something always missing
This thunder insists on penetrating kissing

I do not try to lose my end
I do not cry to find my friend

I don't know when
I'll be a man
That has tiny brain
But huge eyelashes

I was sleeping on the ceiling
While the spoon was not existing

I don't know why
I can not fly
Why I don't cry
When I'm in prison

Warrant - Cherry Pie (live 29.07.2011)

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