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Charlie McDonnell This Is Me this is me - Charlie McDonnell - This is me Medley charlieissocoollike
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Charlie McDonnell - This Is Me  (this is me)

Дата: 2015-09-12
Длина: 04:48
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This is my face on my head on my shoulders
With eyes and a mouth and a nose
With a lie on my tongue and a weight on my back
And a fidgeting twitch in my toes
But this isnt me anymore

These are my arms around you, though youre reluctant
And my fingernails, I cant help but bite
My face is in my hands, but Ill change in seconds
As my smile returns and I remember tonight
And I find that Im me once more

Cause this is the me that I like to be
Charisma quick wit and charm
But that side of me rarely likes to be
In the face of causing harm
Can you see my fear as you disappear
Into someone elses arms
Or are you unaware that the me you care for
Isnt really me at all
This is me

These are my hands, on my arms, on my conscience
With fingers that shake while they strum
And this is you, in my head, regardless of whether I want you there
And thoughts that I tried to avoid have already begun
And I cant feel myself anymore

These are my fingers typing, to no avail
As I try my best, to let you down
But Ive just so much to do, and I cant help but force you
To the bottom of my lists and block out the sound
This isnt the me I want to explore

Charlie McDonnell - This is me (Medley)

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