What I Like

[1x02] Jackie JamesМилые обманщицы What I Like - «Милые обманщицы» промо-кадры первой серии межсезонья. «Милые обманщицы» промо-кадры первой серии межсезонья.

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[1x02] Jackie James(Милые  обманщицы) - What I Like

Дата: 2015-09-12
Длина: 03:33
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

I'm the kind of girl who listens
You never know what you might be missing
I always find out just what's going on

I'm the kind of girl who's given
You never know what you'll end up getting
Diamonds are a girl's best friend you know

Dont care if got no money
I love old credit cards
You say you'll give me real emotion
but i'll tell you what's truth devotion
love and cash and starry oceans
you dont have a money cone

Oh baby I just cant help it
Thats what i like
Give me pearls and pearls and precious stones
hip hop bags and designer clothes
oh baby i just cant hide it
thats what i like

«Милые обманщицы» промо-кадры первой серии межсезонья.

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