Time Stop

Полина Гагарина Time Stop - Полина Гагарина - Don't Stop The Music, Crazy

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Полина Гагарина - Time Stop

Дата: 2017-02-01
Длина: 04:08
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Goodbye, bye, bye
You may be sure that I wont cry
How could I
Believe that youll be always mine?
Oh, no, no
Its beating in my soul
Just leave me, please, alone
No, no

Bye, bye, bye
I know youd say
That you were blind
Long, long flight
You made me so infinite
No, no, dont worry that Im gone
Just find another road
No, no

You are not mine
Im not breathing
Tell me why
Heart is bleeding
I cant fly
Wings are broken
Life is fight
Time stop

Goodbye, bye, bye
I feel my soul come back to life
Long, long flight
But you didnt see the sunny shine
Oh no, Im still in love again
Oh, please, let me forget
No, no

Полина Гагарина - Don't Stop The Music, Crazy

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