Jay Jagadambe Ma Durga

Кришна Дас Jay Jagadambe Ma Durga - Krishna Das - Ma Durga - Jaya Jagatambe - Anandamayi Ma

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Кришна Дас - Jay Jagadambe Ma Durga

Дата: 2016-12-30
Длина: 13:27
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Jaya Jagatambe he Maa Durgaa
Jaya Jagatambe Jagatambe Maa Durgaa
Maa Kaalee Durge namo namah

Jagatambe is the Mother of the world. He Ma means Oh Ma We cry out in wonder when we get a taste of something real. Something comes flooding in and we see that everything we secretly hoped was true. We didn't dare let ourselves believe because we didn't want to be hurt and dissappointed again. But it's right here and we feel it and we love it and we want to always be in it and it is in our hearts and all we have to do is open up and let go and let ourselves feel and know what is...

Krishna Das - Ma Durga - Jaya Jagatambe - Anandamayi Ma

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