Александр Маршал гр. Парк Горького Stare - Александр Маршал и Парк Горького - Bang

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Александр Маршал (гр. Парк Горького) - Stare

Дата: 2017-04-27
Длина: 04:57
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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Arm me with a mirror
Throw me in a dungeon
Going for medusa
Feeling like a champion

Shake in my heart
With every step I near you
Over the ones
That never knew the end was you

Saw you in a picture
Looking like a goddess
Now I know the reason
You're hiding in the darkness

Closing your eyes
You never saw it coming
Now you're awake
And no one likes you knowing
Stare... Stare...

Stare them away, you always stare them away
Say - we can do it together
Stare them away, you always stare them away
Say - we can do it together

See you in the mirror
Slither in a leather
Suddenly I fear you
Sword is like a feather

Closing my eyes
I hear your voice beside me
(I) swallow the lies
And maybe I can make it
Stare... Stare...

There demise
In your eyes
Feel the lies
Stare them away

Александр Маршал и Парк Горького - Bang

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