9 PM Till I Come

Дискотека 80-90-х ATB 9 PM Till I Come - Remember The 90's - Dance Hits Collection #5 Gold Eurodance Collection #1-4: Remember The 90's - Absolute Dance Hits 1-4: Русская Дискотека - Народное Техно 90-х Russian Eurodance: Eurodance Videomixes: Happy 90's - Crazy Dance Party: Remember The 80's - Gold Disco Collection #1-2: Remember The 80's - Viva Disco Videomix: Romantic Collection 80-90's - Лучшие Медляки 80-90-х: Second channel: Eurodance channel: Tracklist: 01. Masterboy - Feel The Fire 00:01 02. ATB - 9 P.M. Till I Come 04:21 03. 2 Unlimited - Here I Go 07:33 04. Double You - Because Im Loving You 10:44 05. Captain Jack - Together And Forever 14:45 06. 2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor - Dance With Me 18:08 07. Red 5 - Da Beat Goes 22:14 08. DJ Bobo - Take Control 25:59 09. Haddaway - Fly Away 30:24 10. E-Type - This Is The Way 34:24 11. Captain Hollywood - Impossible 38:17 12. S.E.X. Appeal - Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi 42:22 13. Gala - Let A Boy Cry 46:10 14. K2 - Der Berg Ruft 49:38 15. East 17 - It's All Right 54:30 16. U96 - Heaven 59:04 17. Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret 1:02:39 18. Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music 1:06:15 19. Vengaboys - We Like To Party 1:10:13 20. Pharao - King Pharao 1:13:52 21. 666 - Paradoxx 1:17:18

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Дискотека 80-90-х ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come)

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Текст оды целиком и бесплатно:

Till I Come
Change it and say 'Till I Come'Don't Stop
Don't stop...it's the real sound.The Summer
The summer is here...
You wanna feel somebody
Irrational impulsesThe Fields Of Love
Have you ever seen the fields of love?
Have you ever felt the seeds of love?Killer
So you want to be free, to live your life the way you wanna be.
Will you give if we cry?
Will we live...or will we die?
Tainted hearts heal with time.
Shoot that love so we can stop the end ahaSolitary brother
Is there still a part of you that wants to live?
Solitary Sister
Is there still a part of you that wants to give?If we try and live your lives the way you wanna be, yeah.Racism in among future kings can only lead to no good.
Besides, all our sons and daughters already know how that feels yeah yeah yeahSPANISH TRANSLATIONS9pm (Till I Come) (9 de la noche-hasta que venga-)
Hasta que llegue...
CВmbialo y di 'Hasta que llegue'Don't Stop (No pares)
No pares.
Es el autКntico sonidoThe Summer (El verano)
El verano estВ aquО.
Quieres sentir a alguien.
Impulsos irracionales...The Fields Of Love (Los campos del amor)
Has visto alguna vez los campos del amor?
Has sentido alguna vez las semillas del amor?Killer (Asesino)
AsО que quieres ser libre?
Vivir tu vida como a tО te de la gana?
PerdonarВs si lloramos?
Viviremos...o moriremos?Las heridas del corazХn se curan con el tiempo.
Acaba con ese amor para poder evitar a tiempo ese final.
Hermano solitario.
Hay alguna parte de tО que todavОa quiera vivir?
Hermana solitaria.
Hay alguna parte de tО que todavОa quiera perdonar?
Si probamos
y vivimos como vosotros quereis...El racismo en futuros lideres no puede llevarnos a nada bueno.
Ademas todos nuestros hijos e hijas ya saben en que consiste.

Remember The 90's - Dance Hits Collection #5

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